Attitude – Do You Still Jump?

We all remember the days of our youth when we would be excited about something new and would jump out of bed in the morning. Eager to run into the world head first to experience the challenges, tasks, and delights put before us.

As we got older, we saw this “eagerness” that we thought would never depart us gradually become a distant memory. It was at this point in my life that I knew something had to change.

Witnessing the stress and depression of these people who seemed to once live with a purpose, but no longer, was my rude awakening and what set me on my path to recapture this eagerness and get me jumping out of bed once again!

Right now, as I am sitting on my deck while my husband prepares the boat for departure, I once again equip this eagerness.

Having my keys retreat has brought those days back, and I know they will bring yours too.

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