Boating in Everglades National Park

Did you know that you need a permit to drive a boat in Everglades National Park?

This affects upper Florida Keys residents that boat on the bay side. Areas west of the channel markers are considered part of the Park. If you are boating in this area and get pulled over, they will ask you for your Everglades National Park Boater Permit. If you don’t have one, you will be fined. This just became effective this month. The license is free this year and will be @ $50.00 next year.

To get your permit, you can go to provalenslearning.com. Enter course name Everglades National Park Online Boater Education Course. Once you take the course, you must pass the assessment with 80% (minimum 12 out of 15 questions). Print out or scan a copy of your certificate to your phone.

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