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  1. Buying a second home (keys retreat) ahead of time, can help you ease into retirement.
  2. Location, view and other amenities will determine if it is a wise investment or financial bust. Don’t rush your decision. I can help you with this.
  3. Your main motivating factor should be to relax. Renting your home can be profitable, but consider the constant cleaning and other factors. For top dollar, you would rent your home at a time you would most probably want to go.
  4. Rule of thumb – your keys retreat should be less than 2 hours from your primary residence. It will be frequented more often than something further away.
  5. Know the costs. Make sure you can afford the new place. Calculate mortgage payment, real estate taxes, property insurance, utility bills, maintenance and possible repairs.
  6. Find a lender who is familiar with the Florida Keys. I can help recommend several lenders.
  7. Your keys retreat can function as a weekly mini vacation from the hustle and bustle of your every-day lives. Enjoy it weekly until you retire. When the time is right, you can make it your primary home.

If you have ever considered buying a “keys retreat”, please contact me at 305 496-3489 or

2018 115 starfish


Most people think of trailers and trailer parks when they hear mobile homes. This is what I thought before I bought mine. This morning, someone asked me how much I paid per month to rent the land out. I told her I own the land and my home is strapped and secure and attached to the land. Nowadays, mobile homes are built to withstand winds up to 180 miles per hour. They often include impact windows and metal roofs. In the Florida Keys, most mobile homes built after 1976 are financeable. My home withstood Hurricane Irma with no structural damage. We lost the back side awning, which was easily replaced. We never lost electricity either.

241 Hispanola frontGood opportunity to purchase entry level home in Tavernier. 1985 2/2 mobile home with access to Harry Harris beach and boat ramp. Potential income of $1500.00 a month after repairs. 1 hour commute to Miami. Contact me for more info at 305 496-3489.

2018 shrimping reducedPack your boat with some goodies and head out just before sunset. For best results, go on a cold night and full moon. Find your favorite alcove where the current goes through. After sunset, drop some lights in the water on the side of the boat. Several people can have nets and look for the shrimp to run. Drop the net in the water and the shrimp will swim into it. Get a 5-gallon bucket and put the catch in there. Make sure to observe the legal limits. Before you know it, you will have a nice dinner. Once you get to shore, you can remove the shrimp heads. You pack it up in dinner portions and freeze.

I found my keys retreat, let me help you with yours!

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Blue Waters Trailer Village is an ocean-side community located on mile marker 92 in Tavernier. It is an easy drive from Miami. It usually takes less than an hour and a half door to door. This community consists of @ 250 waterfront manufactured and concrete homes. It is conveniently located on the same street as Harry Harris park, which has one of the only beaches in the upper keys.

2015 sales in the subdivision range from $247 per foot to $331 per foot.

As of August 1st, there are 8 waterfront homes for sale between $324k and $596k. If you are interested in seeing any of them, please contact me.

“I found my keys retreat, let me help you with yours!”



Swimming with dolphins is one of my favorite things to do. I have done this more than ten times in my life. On this cold January morning (54degrees), I was the only one who did not cancel the swim(says something about my sanity). This is usually done in groups of 6. The instructors gave me 2 wet suits and after 3 seconds, I was warm in the water. I swam and played with 3 dolphins all by myself for close to 2 hours. I highly recommend Dolphins Plus in Key Largo (mm 93 bayside). Just another reason why I love my keys retreat. Let me help you with yours.

My favorite time of day. That point where you have 30 minutes before the sun is setting and the big question is “Where are we watching the sun set today”? Will we be out on the boat in the middle of the bay? At the end of the street? At the lighthouse? On our deck?

Whatever we decide, tomorrow will be different. No two sunsets are ever the same.

Just another reason why “I found my Keys retreat, let me help you with yours”.

We all remember the days of our youth when we would be excited about something new and would jump out of bed in the morning. Eager to run into the world head first to experience the challenges, tasks, and delights put before us.

As we got older, we saw this “eagerness” that we thought would never depart us gradually become a distant memory. It was at this point in my life that I knew something had to change.

Witnessing the stress and depression of these people who seemed to once live with a purpose, but no longer, was my rude awakening and what set me on my path to recapture this eagerness and get me jumping out of bed once again!

Right now, as I am sitting on my deck while my husband prepares the boat for departure, I once again equip this eagerness.

Having my keys retreat has brought those days back, and I know they will bring yours too.