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Dog Friendly

The Florida keys are extremely dog friendly. There are many restaurants and bars that allow you to bring

your pet. Most will even bring out a water bowl for your pet. Out on the water, you see a lot of pets on

boats. Our Lola enjoys going out on the boat with us



Swimming with dolphins is one of my favorite things to do. I have done this more than ten times in my life. On this cold January morning (54degrees), I was the only one who did not cancel the swim(says something about my sanity). This is usually done in groups of 6. The instructors gave me 2 wet suits and after 3 seconds, I was warm in the water. I swam and played with 3 dolphins all by myself for close to 2 hours. I highly recommend Dolphins Plus in Key Largo (mm 93 bayside). Just another reason why I love my keys retreat. Let me help you with yours.

My favorite time of day. That point where you have 30 minutes before the sun is setting and the big question is “Where are we watching the sun set today”? Will we be out on the boat in the middle of the bay? At the end of the street? At the lighthouse? On our deck?

Whatever we decide, tomorrow will be different. No two sunsets are ever the same.

Just another reason why “I found my Keys retreat, let me help you with yours”.